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PARAGON - "Controlled Demolition" Digipack CD

Image of PARAGON - "Controlled Demolition" Digipack CD


PARAGON - "Controlled Demolition" as Digipack CD with a twelve page booklet.

01. Controlled Demolition
02. Reborn
03. Abattoir
04. Mean Machine
05. Deathlines
06. Musangwe (B.K.F.)
07. Timeless Souls
08. Blackbell
09. The Enemy Within
10. Black Widow
11. ...Of Blood And Gore (Digipack Bonus)

If you want CDs or LPs be signed we can do it, but please be aware that it will maybe delay the shipping and we will have to open the shrinkwrap of the items.

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All items will be shipped after the release of the album on the 26th of April!